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Українська Православна Церква в Канаді
L'Église orthodoxe ukrainienne du Canada

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Fr. Ihor Kutash Articles:

Перша Неділя Св. Великого Посту<br><br>First Sunday of the Great Fast<br><br>Premier dimanche du Grand Carême

Перша Неділя Св. Великого Посту

First Sunday of the Great Fast

Premier dimanche du Grand Carême

Перша Неділя Св. Великого Посту – Торжество Православ’я
Сьогодні православні по всьому світі святкують перемогу Православ’я над останньою великою єрессю.

First Sunday of the Great Fast: The Triumph of Orthodoxy
Today the Orthodox throughout the world celebrate the Triumph of Orthodoxy over the last of the great heresies.

Premier dimanche du Grand Carême: le triomphe de l'Orthodoxie
Aujourd'hui l'Église Orthodoxe dans le monde entier célèbre le triomphe de l'Orthodoxie sur la dernière des grandes hérésies.

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Chancellor's Corner

October 13, 2017

It is a beautiful, clear but rather cool and windy Friday morning, Oct 13th as I assemble these thoughts.

The last five months or so in the life of our consistory office, (since Pascha, and the "face-to-face" Consistory Board held here in Winnipeg in mid-May,) from my perspective, have had three dominant themes: unity, liturgy, and communication. Read More

April 16, 2017

Our Lord has assured us - His people in numerous ways throughout the history of the world that He is with us always ... to the very close of the age! Our Holy Church has instilled in every one of us the conviction that following the ultimate pain and sacrifice of Holy Friday, we are called to enter into the joy not of this world in Our Lord's Glorious Resurrection. I begin with this thought because I / we really need to get this Paschal issue of the Visnyk off to press, and from the office where I now minister ... "we" are most certainly in the world, and are encountering the all too numerous "ways of the world," to which your Office of the Consistory is called to respond in ways that are prudent, "good governance," "best practices," and above all else - God-pleasing and Holy and most beneficial to the whole of the UOCC. As a result, though - the following message will be an only slightly edited and revised message of the "chancellor's" message of Pascha 2016... Read More

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