Ukrainian Orthodox Church of Canada

OCEC Establishes New Online Forum

In honor of the Orthodox Christian Education Commissionís (OCEC) 50th Anniversary, a new online forum has been established. The new Orthodox Christian Educatorís Forum (OCEF) will give educators an opportunity to share curriculum ideas and lessons, ask questions, solve problems, and meet new friends! The purpose of this forum is to provide an online community for church school teachers, Orthodox day school teachers, college professors, and anyone interested in Orthodox Christian education. The forum is being hosted by yahoogroups and it is easy to join the forum by sending an email to:

Fifty years ago, the first annual conference on Orthodox Christian Education was held with participants from five Eastern Orthodox jurisdictions: Carpatho-Russian, Greek, Russian, Syrian and Ukrainian. During this conference the purpose, goals and function of a new Education Commission were defined. The OCEC began developing a church school curriculum for grades K-12. In 1960 the OCEC became the first active Commission of the Standing Conference of Canonical Orthodox Bishops in the Americas (SCOBA).

Since its beginning, many have made major contributions to the development of Orthodox Christian Education, however the contributions of three people that truly stand out are Mrs. Sophie Koulomzin, Dr. Constance Tarasar and Dr. John Boojamra. It is in honor of their dedicated work that the OCEC takes this next step in the growth of Orthodox Christian education by establishing this online forum.

For more information, contact Eleana Silk at 914-961-8313 ext. 365.