Ukrainian Orthodox Church of Canada

June 7, 1998. Pentecost. Trinity Sunday. Descent of the Holy Spirit on the Disciples

1. God's Word: The Epistle: Acts 2:1-11.

The Gospel: John 7:37-52;8:12.


"Why a Holy Spirit? Why can't I just talk to God directly?" This was the question an inquirer asked, trying to understand the grand Mystery of the Trinity. There is no such thing as a silly question. To understand we must ask.

But how do we explain the most Mysterious in the Mystery of the Trinity, since He hides Himself so well? It is not so hard to imagine the Father because of His very name, even though the image that arises of a good and powerful Old Man does not really describe the One Who is the Source of Divinity. The Son made it easy for us to imagine Him because He became a historic Person well described in the Gospels.

But how do we describe Someone Who appears as a Bird, as a Flame or as Wind? It is the nature and the mission of the Holy Spirit to not show Himself, but rather to show, proclaim and represent the Son, just as the Son represents the Father.

Perhaps it would be best to simply say that the very act of putting this question is a sign that the Spirit is already present in a mysterious way in the one who questions. Without Him there would be neither questions nor answers regarding the immense mysteries of life and the universe. The Holy Spirit is God who lives in us - in each being who asks, who answers and who tries to understand and live the mysteries of existence. As the prayer of Pentecost puts it, He is the One who is everywhere present and fills all things.

Rev'd Ihor George Kutash