Ukrainian Orthodox Church of Canada


Last Sunday we witnessed the meeting between Jesus and a woman - the Samaritan, named Photina (or Lucia). Today there is a meeting between Jesus and a man - a man born blind, whose name we do not know. Read about it in the Gospel according to John, chapter 9, verses 1 to 38.

As always, there are consequences of this meeting. The man receives his sight twice. First he begins to see the world around him. What a shock it must have been. To see colours, shapes, faces for the first time ever! Then came an even greater miracle. The man received his spiritual sight for Jesus revealed to him that He Himself was the long-awaited Divine Messenger, the very Light of the world.

There were other consequences as well. The man came to be rejected and persecuted by his community. The religious authorities showed themselves to be blind even though they could see. They would not accept the meaning of Jesus’ miracle. They found an excuse to reject and condemn Him and the man He had healed. The man’s parents were similarly blinded by fear - the fear of those "powerful people".

And what about us, brothers and sisters? Are not we also blind when we do not look at this world and our life in it in the light of the revelation of Jesus? If we are still afraid of the powerful of this world and what the future may hold for us?

Jesus says: "I am the Light of the world." Yes, it is to Him that we must always look to gain understanding, direction and true power to live in peace, love and victory. He tells us again and again: "Don’t be afraid. Only believe. I am with you forever. You are My disciples if you do My will, just as I do the will of the One Who sent Me. Love one another and so fulfil the Law, which is His will". Let us listen within our souls. Our sight depends on our hearing His voice. Let us hear - and see!

V. Rev. Ihor Kutash