Ukrainian Orthodox Church of Canada

May 17, 1998

The Word of the Lord: Acts 11:19-26,29-30; John 4:5-42.


In today's Gospel which gives this Sunday its name we find this marvelous account of the meeting between Jesus and the Samaritan, Photinia.

Our Lord gave this lady the chance to find her dignity. She had been a sad figure indeed. She had had and lost five husbands and now she was living with a man with whom she was not even married. When Jesus told her: "Go, call your husband and come here", He was giving her a chance to speak honestly about her sad state. Photinia responded virtuously. She said: "I have no husband".

By speaking her truth, the Samaritan opened the door to her heart, and thus gave the Lord an opening to give her a revelation which then totally transformed her life. He said that He was the One everyone was awaiting, the Messiah sent by God to save the world. Profoundly stirred by this message, Photinia went to call her neighbours to listen to this prophet Who had shown her such respect and confidence.

Many people turned to God as a result of this exchange. Are we ready to turn our hearts to God and to our neighbour with honesty and humility? "God is Spirit and those who worship Him must worship in spirit and truth".

By turning to God Photinia found that she had within her being a spring of living water - that she too was full of divine power and love, because God dwelt within her. She had opened the door through which He might manifest Himself and guide her towards the light of which her name spoke (Photinia - "full of light"). And He gave her a new way of living joyously in this light. May we also find this joyous truth.

Ihor George Kutash, Priest