Ukrainian Orthodox Church of Canada


After our previous Sundays' meetings with the risen Christ, Jesus the Healer, the Light of the world, today we meet some men who struggled to find the words to express the faith which arises from these meetings.

Today we celebrate the Fathers of the First Ecumenical Council. They worked together under the guidance of the Holy Spirit to arrive at an answer to the question: Who is this Jesus Who taught and worked miracles, and Who was crucified, rose again and ascended to Heaven promising to be with His followers forever? Is He simply the most wonderful Man Who ever lived upon this earth? Or is He more than that?

And the Fathers arrived at the conclusion: He is God incarnate! The impossible has become reality. God is truly with us. Jesus is indeed a Man. But He is also God. This is the truth that we confess and upon which we build our lives.

Yet for many people it is a exceedingly difficult to accept that a Man can at the same time be God. Why not avoid this paradox then and simply concentrate on our potential to become good people inspired by Jesus' example?

However truth is truth, whether it be difficult to comprehend or not. We believe because this is the truth. And believing, we discover an important meaning to the suffering that we undergo in our lives. This suffering links us with Jesus - the Man Who is also God. United with Jesus we are united with God.

We shall never perish! The troubles of this world can never destroy us. On the contrary they prepare us for an eternity which has already begun. And we shall be forever with Jesus - in His suffering and in His victory. He lives forever. We too shall live forever. We live! We shall always live!

V. Rev. Ihor Kutash