Ukrainian Orthodox Church of Canada

May 24, 1998. Sixth Sunday after Pascha, Sunday of the Blind Man

1. God's Word: The Epistle: Acts 16:16-34.

The Gospel: John 9:1-38.

2. Meditation on God's Word: HE CAME BACK SEEING.

On this sixth Sunday of Pascha we are invited to meditate on the light that brought into the world by Jesus the Messiah, true Man and true God, Who came to us "that those who do not see might see, and that those who see may become blind".

The man who had been blind from birth was certainly astonished at the way Jesus granted him the precious gift of sight. At first it must have seemed to him that Jesus was mocking him as He spat upon the ground, made clay out of the spittle and applied it to his sightless eyes.

Yet he obeyed what Jesus told him to do. He acted in faith, going to the pool of Siloam which means "Sent", and washing himself. And he came back seeing! The Messiah had not been mocking him. He had given him a test which led to blessing. The man received the best reward he could ever hope for. He could now see!

We too have tests in our lives. They can also lead to a clearer, deeper vision of what the Lord is doing in our lives and in this world in which we live. We must not be content with the measure of sight that we possess. Rather we ought to humbly pray to know what we need to do to see with the eyes of faith and love, to do the works for which we were born into this world.

Let us trust God and have hope!

Rev'd Ihor George Kutash