Ukrainian Orthodox Church of Canada


We are all looking for something greater than we are. Something which will give us peace, security, the consciousness of being loved, protected, cared for. If we find this Thing we shall be courageous, energetic, effective, recreating the world around us in the image of this joy that we have found.

It has come! The Spirit of God Who is Love! He is strong as the wind. He is humble and invincible as water. He breaks down the walls to reach His beloved - the soul which is dying of ardent desire for Him. He unites with it in fiery passion. Conquered by the joy of hope attained, the soul speaks with the mystical words of ecstacy.

And just when the non-initiated are about to reject it as an intoxicated fool, it speaks with the honesty and simplicity of divine wisdom. Everyone hears - a great multitude submit to the Love that radiates from it. The divine fire races through the crowd and the Church is born!

The above is a description of the mystical and powerful event which we are celebrating today: Pentecost - the Descent of the Holy Spirit upon the Apostles.

May it continue among us today. May our world and all the world be transformed by the increase among us of this Spirit of Love Divine. Brothers and sisters: let us submit. Let nothing be more important for us than this divine refreshment which is the Spirit.

May even our fears and self-accusations lead us into the arms of the One Who loves us so. He truly does love us and is looking for us and calling us. Let us go to Him!

V. Rev. Ihor Kutash