Ukrainian Orthodox Church of Canada


Today we are witnesses of the meeting between Jesus and the Samaritan woman. Read about it in the Gospel according to John, chapter 4, verses 5 to 42. Notice what a splendid surprise it turned out to be for this woman which the Christian community knows as Svitlana or Photina, that is "full of light" (in Latin it would be:"Lucia").

Did she think as she was leaving her home to get some water that such a thing would happen? Most certainly not. Neither do we know, when we leave our home, what awaits us out there. But this is the Lord's world and we can be sure that we will find HIM out there in various situations and circumstances.

Perhaps it will be in the face of someone who does some service for us. Perhaps someone who opens a door for us or serves us in a store. Or perhaps it will someone who will need something that we can give or do for him or her. Or, less agreeable, someone who challenges us in some way. When the Samaritan woman met Jesus there were some moments that she may have found difficult when we spoke of the sad state of her conjugal relations.

But see how humble she was, how open to the communication and willing to be honest with Jesus! She asked him some important questions and was not hurt when He spoke to her of painful things. Finally she found a joyous surprise in her heart: the faith that she was talking with God's special Messenger for Whom everyone is waiting.

She was so happy and so excited that she was able to share it with her neighbours. She woke up their sleepy hearts and they too went to meet the Giver of surprises. Let us look for Him in our daily lives - today! He is there!

V. Rev. Ihor George Kutash